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Tranquility – Living Without Compromise

Posted on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 at 1:32 am

Tranquility is a well maintained 55+ neighborhood, limited to 25 custom manufactured homes where you have the choice to have what you want, rather than settling for what’s available when it comes to home buying and affordable living.
Living without compromise is being able to joyfully drive up to and walk through the door of your new home and everything is exactly as you imagined it.
In settling for what is available, that’s kind of like getting your dream car, but it’s not exactly the color or may not have all the features you would like to have. So you buy it anyway, then you realize at Tranquility, for the same cost and saving your valuable time running around, you could have gotten truly what you desired and more.
Imagine the feeling of purchasing a home that was on display, only to discover that you can’t get a walker/wheelchair down the hall, in the bathroom or bedroom. Maybe it was constructed with 2×4 rather than 2×6, has basic installation and windows rather than a premium weather package. Or it may not come equipped with safety features/bars in the bathrooms, comes with wood frame steps rather than precast concrete.
The home buying process in Tranquility is designed to assist you in getting the home you want that fits both your lifestyle and budget. We offer a complete home buyer service package that only requires you to select your home, pick up your keys and move in, it’s that easy!
Now imagine having your custom manufactured home built as you want it, located on one of Tranquility’s spacious and well maintained lots. The main roadway is constructed with pavers, every home has a front porch, 24 hour access to community hall, no thru traffic, mail delivered to your home, trash picked up from your home, central utilities, each home has a flag pole and is located within minutes and walking distance of restaurants, food stores, medical services, city park/sports complex and more. Did we mention no yard work!
So, say goodbye to settling for what’s available, as well as high impact fees, increasing HOA’s and rising property taxes, and Hello to Living Without Compromise in Tranquility, purposed with the promise to provide a superior home with affordable living and a relaxed lifestyle. Come see and experience the difference. We invite you to Stop By for a Visit and Stay for a Lifetime!
Located at 1895 WC 48, Bushnell, FL. 33513 / Contact Glenn at 352-446-9223.