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Support America!

Posted on Wednesday, June 3, 2015 at 1:20 am

391photoWith all the headlines about ISIS and other disturbing articles about how bad America is, we here at Sharkys Vac n Sew just wanted to take a moment to say how proud we are of America! Every time you go out shopping it’s extremely hard to find anything made in America… most items are made in China, Vietnam, Korea, Pakistan, India and Germany, just to name a few. Although there are good products made by a lot of other countries, we would like to take this time to say we are proud to sell a vacuum cleaner made in America.
Simplicity Vacuums are made in St. James, Missouri near St. Louis. Made in America by Americans! They not only are made in America but are what we believe to be the BEST vacuum cleaner on the market! They have one of the best warranties, best filtration and are highly functional. Most women would say that they are also beautiful, with an array of colors and styles. If you are a canister person or an upright person, Simplicity has the one for you. And not to mention the commercial market is in love with them too. A metal brush roller, super filtration, and with all sorts of accessories to clean everything from bare floors, carpets, ceiling fans, to cars or golf carts. And if you have pets in the home then Simplicity is a NO brainer.
And for the month of June, we are offering to buy your bags for a year plus give you an extra year of FREE service to go along with the already GREAT warranty. Just bring in this article and see a demonstration and when you purchase one you will receive a year’s worth of bags. Help us support America because we are still proud of it. And speaking of proud…… THANK YOU to ALL of our military who stand to defend our country.
Simplicty Vacuums……. Helping Americans by building GREAT products!
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