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Florida Teaching Zoo

Posted on Friday, September 13, 2019 at 1:37 am

The Florida International Teaching Zoo (FITZ) is open to the public Saturday & Sunday from 2pm to 5pm. Zoo student guided tours begin on the hour at 2:00, 3:00 & 4:00 pm.
FITZ phase two is done – finally. Zoo visitors will enjoy our educational zoo student guided tours of FITZ’s rare and endangered animals. Phase two includes FITZ’s nearly 10,000 foot square free flight bird aviary which includes colorful and flying mandarin ducks, teal ducks, Hawiian ne’ne’ geese and true albino peacocks.
FITZ’s continues good work with the largest breeding group of African Patas monkeys in North America , which has three second generation kids (and more on the way.) Plus endangered Hawiian ne’ne’ geese, Amherst pheasants, exotic parrots, capybara rodents, giant tortoises, and lotsa other cool animals. Animal ambassadors will be available for photos for a small donation. A portion of those donations help Central American macaws and African elephants.
FITZ is the only American zoo with “the only hyena encounter”. Want to feed a spotted hyena? Safely that is! (A portion of your $35 hyena encounter donation helps Kenya’s “mounted elephant anti-poaching rangers”). FITZ’s butterfly gardens are blossoming.
Admission: $7-kids; $8-seniors, first responders, veterans & active duty personnel; $9 Adults (tax deductible donation) cash/check only.
For tour reservations call 1-866-937-1115. Friend us on our facebook page: Florida International Teaching Zoo