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Donations Requested for Basketball Court

Posted on Tuesday, October 2, 2018 at 1:22 am

Identity Youth from Grace Tabernacle Church in Wildwood Florida has set an aim to reach the young people in the downtown area of Wildwood. Most of these students are basketball driven. Grace Tabernacle has a concrete slab at the rear of its property that would be awesome to convert into a full court. By doing so, our church can provide an incentive for these kids to come in and not only have fellowship with other youth in a safe environment, but receive ministry time in the process. Furthermore, as the community surrounding Grace Tabernacle continues to expand so will our reach into those neighborhoods and those families via this court. The church can form youth and adult leagues to play against other churches creating a network among the body of believers.
On June 2nd Identity Youth hosted a 3 on 3 basketball venue where churches and community youth competed against each other. The games were followed by a meal and then a concert with a guest speaker. Businesses were welcome to attend to view this makeshift game and see the potential of the slab. We are asking for businesses to financially sponsor this project with a contribution of $250, $500, $1000 payable to Grace Tabernacle with basketball on the memo line.
This gift would allow Identity Youth to purchase and install two in ground flex rim shatter proof backboard hoops along with the appropriate flooring for the slab. We would incorporate bleachers, fencing, canopy and lighting. Once everything is officially set up we would have a ribbon cutting ceremony where business partners can come and view the finished product.
Sponsoring a charitable program is a great way to raise awareness about a specific cause and promote your business in partnership with the organization or event.
We sincerely hope you will consider participating in this project. If you would like to confirm your sponsorship, visit with us prior to your donation, or have any other questions or concerns please contact us at 352 617 0915.
Thank you for your time. Pastor Miguel Paredes, Identity Youth