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Attention All Pew Potatoes & Sermon Spectators!

Posted on Wednesday, August 7, 2019 at 1:10 am

Are you a Pew Potato? It’s a species closely related to the Pew Warmer, the Sermon Spectator, and the Couch Potato. And there are hybrids.
Do you attend church on Sundays and when the pastor says the church needs volunteers to help in certain areas, walk out the door after services because you are too busy and besides someone else will volunteer? 20% of the people in a church do all the work and the other 80% just warm the pews for a little while. It’s called the 20/80 Problem.
Are you in the 20% or the 80% at your church? Maybe you should ponder this for a while. Shave off a couple of hours of television time or internet time from your schedule and give those service hours to the Lord. It’s a good thing for whatever ails you.
Sunday AM Schedule: 8 Traditional Service, 9 Breakfast, 9:30 Small Groups (including adults, youth and children), 10:45 Contemporary Service. Wednesday PM – 6 Food, 6:30 our highly interactive Bible Study.
Wahoo is the Church with a Difference. No Dress Code! Jeans, T-shirts and Tattoos welcome.
Our Women’s Group begins again Sunday, August 18 and will be studying “The Longing in Me” by Sheila Walsh. If you haven’t participated in this group, you are really missing something. Food at 5 pm and study begins at 5:30. Talk about interactive and dynamic!
Wahoo Church is located at 4517 CR319, Bushnell, CR48 just 4.5 miles west of I-75 in the big Wahoo curve. 352-793-6015.