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Attention All Korea Veterans Past and Present

Posted on Sunday, July 14, 2019 at 1:13 am

Korean War Veterans of South Lake County Chapter #188, Inc. invites qualified veterans to join our group. This invitation is to any veteran who served in the armed forces of the United States during the Korean War even though they may not have served in Korea. This also includes any veteran who has served in Korea from 1950 to the present. Korean War and Korean Service Veterans Association, Inc. is a National Chartered Association.
KWVA is a charitable organization. We donate to and support many causes. This includes helping needy veterans and giving scholarships to students at South Lake High School as well as supporting ROTC. We also sponsor the Gray Middle School Marching Band.
Our Honor Guard is registered and participates in Bushnell National Cemetery Ceremonies. Our Greybeards Magazine features articles and stories of all Korean Veterans from 1950, including current events from our present day troops stationed in Korea. Lifetime and annual memberships are available. POWs and Medal of Honor holders are admitted free. We have a Certified Service Officer as a member of our Chapter.
Chapter #188 meets the third Wednesday of each month in Groveland at the Lake David Building on Lake David at the entrance to the park. We start at 1300 with a social hour followed by the business meeting at 1400 hours. If your work hours prevent you from attending at these hours we could consider more flexible meeting times.
For information contact David Litz at 352-536-9022.