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Age and Experience Teach Youth and Inexperience At Local EAA Chapter

Posted on Tuesday, October 9, 2018 at 1:08 am

The Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 534 Aviation Youth program meets on Saturdays at the Leesburg International Airport in Leesburg, Florida to teach young people how to build and repair real airplanes. On Saturday, September 9, 2018 the project of the day was to build and mount flying wires to the tail of the damaged Mini Max and to hang the rudder.
Teaching in these sessions is often one on one as it was this day with Marty Harris and Ethan Ratta. EAA Chapter 534 Aviation Youth member, Ratta age 14, and chapter pilot and aircraft home builder Harris (74) work together on a complex task.
This is age and experience teaming up with a young person to get the job done. This is how learning takes place at the chapter’s Aviation Youth Program.
In the photo where they are standing face to face Ethan is using a heat gun on the shrink tubing to make a nice neat swage on the end of a flying wire. That shows a lot of trust on Marty’s part.